World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2020 Launched

The WNISR2020 was launched on 24 September 2020. The report is available online in various formats here. One of the lead authors is INRAG member Mycle Schneider. INRAG member and WNISR contributing author M. V. Ramana was co-presenting and INRAG member Greg Jaczko made a nice on-the-record statement:
“First of all, I think the report is fantastic. It is probably the best collection of publicly available data for the nuclear industry. I have to say, I use a lot of the information quite often in talks and in teaching. So I think it is an excellent report, and I think it does paint a very clear picture of the status of the industry right now. It is the data that does not necessarily comport with the story that the industry is wanting to tell right now on what the status of the industry is. So I think it is very valuable to have this kind of information and to have the accurate analysis and assessment. Really, I applaud the work, it is a tremendous effort.”

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