Risks of lifetime extensions of old nuclear power plants

With the help of the state of Baden-Württemberg, INRAG presents its results on the study on the ageing of nuclear facilities in Europe on Monday, April 2026, 2021. The study was developed in close cooperation with top international experts and shows how important it is to take a holistic approach to all factors in the case of lifetime extensions.

The 125 nuclear reactors in Europe have an average age of 33.4 years. The susceptibility to accidents naturally increases with the age of the reactors, which immensely increases the risk for people and the environment in Europe. The INRAG study addresses precisely this issue and more, shedding light on how to deal with the risks of ageing plants and the demand for a continuous increase in the safety level of nuclear power plants in Europe in general and on the basis of individual case studies.

Doel, Belgium picture by fredography.be