Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference

of the International Nuclear Risk Assessment Group (INRAG)

1. We, the members of INRAG, independent experts in matters of nuclear technology, its applications and its technical, environmental and social consequences,


  • being aware of threats of nuclear technology and its use
  • knowing that there is a need to make independent expert knowledge in matters of nuclear risks accessible for the public and decision makers
  • gaining our knowledge and experience out of professional scientific and practical work with nuclear technology and its risks
  • recognizing that engagement of civil society and democratic institutions is necessary for the reduction of nuclear risks
  • committed to scientific standards and ethics as well as democratic rules

have agreed on the following objectives of INRAG:

  • to integrate international independent expertise in the nuclear field
  • to create an scientific knowledge-base and -platform to support the data and knowledge exchange among members
  • to increase the availability of research and teaching activities and to improve their coordination
  • to publish statements and analyses, based on scientific and technically sound knowledge and expertise
  • to make international expert knowledge available to the public and decision- makers.

2. INRAG is prepared to cooperate with any other organization or authority that is interested in the transparency of nuclear risks or needs support in nuclear risk assessments.

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